Hydra Bed

30 Series Hydra Bed

The Original Self-Contained Flatbed Bale Handler

Feeding is one of the most important daily tasks on nearly every livestock operation. Equipment must perform at full capacity under adverse conditions. Our Hydra Bed® system equips your 3/4 ton or larger truck for ranch and farm use. The flush-mounted, live-hydraulic powered bale handler is totally integrated into the rugged flatbed. Winter feeding, summer hay hauling, year-round trailer towing and many other lifting, hauling and towing tasks are easily accomplished from the comfort and safety of your truck cab. Fingertip hydraulic controls enable you to haul, transport and/or unroll two large round or square bales weighing up to 3,000 lbs. each.



Since 1983, every Hydra Bed® has been built around this rugged foundation consisting of 6” channel frame long sills and our proven bale handling assembly which features a 1/2” wall rear cross tube rotating on (2) 6” hinge assemblies. These components all work together to provide the structural integrity essential to dependable lifting, hauling and towing. Our dedicated production staff takes great pride in the quality workmanship with which they build this simple, strong, time-tested design.

Hydraulic Pump

  • Engine driven
  • Electric clutch engagement
  • Cast-iron pumping section
  • 11 GPM, 2,500 PSI

Hydraulic Controls

  • Fully variable
  • Driver's seat operation

Hydraulic Reservoir

  • Headache rack mounted
  • Provides gravity flow to pump
  • Heavy 3/16” wall thickness
  • System holds 7 gallons
  • 10 Micron filtration

Trailer Towing

Fifth Wheel Hitch
  • Recessed
  • Rugged 10” channel mount
  • 30,000# Rated 2 5/16” ball
Rear Drop Hitch
  • Rugged tubular construction
  • 3/4” thick, 3-hole plate
  • Optional receiver hitch


  • Sealed
  • Steel enclosures

Patented Flush-Mount Bale Handler

  • Unobstructed flatbed functions
  • 4” Square, 1/2” wall rear cross tube
  • Synchronized arms provide automatic bale centering
  • Automatic free-float unrolling
  • Lay-flat alloy unrolling spinners

Hydraulic Quick Couplers

One Circuit Standard
  • Provides 11 GPM, 2,500 PSI
  • Pioneer push-to-connect type
Optional circuit available
  • Controlled from driver’s seat
  • Required for Hydra Feeder™ use

"I absolutely love this bed. This bed has allowed me to do jobs by myself which would otherwise require the use of a second person. Now, if I could only figure out how to use it to work the cattle through the chutes and head gate."

Ken Scharabok - Tennessee

"We love our Hydra Bed®! It is the best investment we have ever made. You make a product to be proud of!"

Buster & Katie Newberry - Missouri

I've never written a letter like this before, but I have never been so happy with a piece of equipment I use so much! In case you can't tell, I'm glad we made the change to Hydra Bed!"

Craig Gebhard, Gebhard Farms, Inc. - Kansas

"We bought our Hydra Bed® new in 1991. We've replaced one control cable in 9 years. It is now being installed on its sixth pickup. Anybody with cattle should have a Hydra Bed®. If I had to go back to a bale spear I'd sell a bunch of cattle."

Scott Gage, Gage Farms - Missouri

"We bought and installed our Hydra Bed® in September 1983, it has worked every day since. Thank you again for such a tough machine which we keep finding new uses for."

Alexander M. Fisher, Jr. - Virginia

"There is no way you could take the Hydra Bed® away if I couldn't get another. I use it every day for something. I feed bales, move feed bunks, move my creep feeder, hang gates, and pull posts. Well, you take my Hydra Bed® and I will for darn sure quit farming."

Eugene F. Kramer - Kansas


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Hydra Bed by Triple C

Triple C :30 TV Commercial

Hydra Bed by Triple C

Triple C Informational Video

Shows how the HydraBed operates and functions in multiple field conditions.

Triple C Informational Video

Hydra Bed Commercial

Triple C advertisement as seen on WIBW and KAKE TV

Hydra Bed Commercial

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HB3100 HB3200 HB3250 HB3300 HB3350 HB3550
Length 7'6" 8'8" 8'8" 9'9" 9'9" 11'9"
Width 7'0" 7'0" 7'8" 7' 7'8" 7'8"

The specifications for Hydra Bed are subject to change without notice.


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