Tractor Mount

The HydraTM2000™ tractor-mount bale handler/unroller from Triple C, Inc. has been backed by actual ranch use since 1986.

Bales weighing up to 2,000 pounds can be transported or unrolled from the comfort and safety of your tractor cab. (The safe lifting capacity of your tractor’s 3-point hitch will determine maximum load handling capability.) The automatically synchronized bale-gripping arms assure positive centering of the bale. This proven design feature makes unrolling solid core bales of all types simple and efficient. Designed only for use on ROPS equipped tractors. Always wear your safety belt.


  • Transports or unrolls 2,000 pound bales
  • Synchronized bale gripping arms assure positive centering of the bale.


Capacity 2,000 lbs. (Limited to safe load capacity of tractor)
Grip Range 35" to 95" - 18" to 77" with spinner pins
Weight 562 lbs.
Mounting Category II & III three point
Hydraulics Pioneer tips and synchronized arm cylinders

The specifications for Tractor Mount are subject to change without notice.


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